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Femdom Lifestyles and Ideologies
A collection of original articles of Vivien Charmer. The website also includes a complete international guide for the search of the Mistresses.

The Woman First Institute
A free, erotic website providing original content to appeal to both women and men. Its predominant theme is female supremacy and women's sexual liberation with the assistance of male subservience from cuckolded partners and sissified husbands.

Conquer Him
An intelligent website seeking to take female lead relationships into the social mainstream.

Sacred Women
Sharing ideas and concepts that can positively change the direction of our societies and our world.

Femdom City
The preferred female domination directory online.

Mystic Mamma
Woman's wisdom and insight for empowering the bringers of life in this world.

Worshipping your Wife
Highly informative blog by an FLR couple who are living the lifestyle.

Training with Cuckolding

Cuckolding must be taught and applied to enact female supremacy, to maximize the female control, to instill a sense of fidelity and pain of infidelity in your man, and to break male jealousy.

10 Secrets to Tame Your Men

This repost comes to us from a popular blogger in Singapore, who, being tired of South East Asian patriarchy, especially the exisitence of the Obedient Wives Club which has spread from Singapore to Malaysia, Indonesia, and some Arab countries, has decided to form the Obedient Husbands Club...

Introduction to Male Spanking

The atmosphere is perfect – candles lit, incense burning, sexy music filling the room. Your man comes to you, deliciously naked skin glowing in the candlelight...

How not to screw up your D/s relationship

When you're in a relationship—any relationship—it can be hard to express being upset.

11 nights to turn your male into your slave

How to make your vanilla husband or boyfriend interested in femdom.

The 3R's of Femdom: Routines, Rituals, and Randomness

I believe that a good FLR incorporates a combination of Routines, Rituals, and Randomness. This is what I refer to as the three R's of Femdom.

The Simple Truth about Femdom

You have everything it takes to be Dominant, because You are already in charge of Your life and Your happiness. Add a comment

Female Superiority

Men are not very clever at doing things. They are unfortunately led by their penis.

8 steps to turn any man into your slave

Hey ladies – You can turn any man into your boot-licking love slave with these tips from a top psychiatrist.
The so-called "ruined" orgasm is one of the most intensely pleasurable, toe-curling, sweat-inducing, back-arching, fist-clenching, teeth-gnashing, brain-bending tricks you can use in the bedroom to drive your man into an animal sexual frenzy and ultimate submission.
Is it possible to achieve the unconditional obedience by your sub? Is it possible to shape him to fit your ideas and avoid any possible topping from the bottom? Add a comment
Sorry, guys, but the facts are in - and women win!... Add a comment

Your New Male Slave

So you've taken a slave. Congratulations! Chances are, you really haven't given much thought to 'What now?' Add a comment
Indeed there is. There always has been in my mind. Currently, my Dragon is having a bit of difficulty with someone who doesn't understand that there IS a difference between being in a Dom/Sub relationship and being in a Master/Slave relationship.

The Rules for men

The FEMALE is Superior.

The 5 Key Rules Of FLR

One of the very best things about the Internet is the ability for anyone to write a blog...

Using humiliation to control your male

For many women humiliating their husband can be a very erotic and powerful emotion and activity...

Mindset of a Submissive Male…

This article will be useful for women that have men that want to be dominated, but are not sure on what they should be doing or saying. Add a comment

WTF is up with stupid, pathetic, idiot MEN?

A rant about those males who think only of themselves by Mrs. Claudia....

Femdom Husband Training: #Spanking and ‘The Ten’

The Ten is intended as a framework for basic FemDom husband training covering an agreed upon period of time, likely between four to six weeks. It is very simple.