The MUST-HAVE book on
FLR by Elise Sutton.
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The Woman First Institute
A free, erotic website providing original content to appeal to both women and men. Its predominant theme is female supremacy and women’s sexual liberation with the assistance of male subservience from cuckolded partners and sissified husbands.

Conquer Him
An intelligent website seeking to take female lead relationships into the social mainstream.

Sacred Women
Sharing ideas and concepts that can positively change the direction of our societies and our world.

Femdom City
The preferred female domination directory online.

Mystic Mamma
Woman's wisdom and insight for empowering the bringers of life in this world.

Worshipping your Wife
Highly informative blog by an FLR couple who are living the lifestyle.

His View: Matriarchy or Equality?

What does "matriarchy" mean and entail, and how does it relate to equality and patriarchy?
Female supremacy or female domination (A.K.A.) ‘Femdom’ is a lifestyle that can be divided into three areas: Social, Domestic and Sexual...

Are you a Service Submissive?

"I am not a submissive," you say. "I just believe women should be taken care of and I enjoy doing things for them that make their lives easier...

What is Matriarchy?

Matriarchy is the norm in human society, but you might not have noticed if you've been living through the patriarchal nightmare of the past several thousand years. Before males discovered that sex created babies (they used to think food caused it, hence the wedding cake tradition), women ruled supreme on a planet in healthy order... 

Alpha women rule the roost and men don't seem to mind

Pew Research conducted a survey of about 1,700 homes to see how decision making dynamics work. The poll found that in 43% of home women exerted more decision making power than men and that men don't seem to object to that. 
I very rarely write much about my personal life here, but I’ll open the window a little to let you know more about how I rule my man. 

Alpha Female Characteristics

Until the last decade or two, if you possessed alpha female characteristics you might have tried to hide them. 

VIDEO: How to Break Your Man (NSFW)

In a world where most men feel they have to act tough just to make it through... As a woman, you should be the one who creates that vulnerability-inviting space for him.
Create the most responsive, devoted, robust lover of your dreams!
If I had known how astoundingly easy it would be to control hubby and make him crave opportunities to make me happy, I would have taken control of his orgasms years ago. 

How to Train a Man

Let me let you in on a little secret: Despite all their posturing, men are actually really vulnerable to women, and most men will do anything to hide this. 
Eve is the mother of all, and men have taken credit for too long for her creation of us all...

Husband’s Behaviour Modification Methods

Some advice for the Dominant Wife with a submissive husband...

Ariadne, Mistress of the Labyrinth.

Ariadne is a Cretan Goddess known as the "Mistress of the Labyrinth". She was famous for dancing her spiral dance, while weaving her thread of magic. 

How Do I Please My Lady?

You want to please your Lady, but you’re not sure how to go about it. It’s a lot to consider, when you think about it. What do you say? What do you do? 

Why Women are Superior

Some people may wonder why I support Female Supremacy and Matriarchy since I am a male...

Its easy being dominant, just remember these ten points!

A lot of women, when a submissive male presents themselves, find the task of enslaving him too daunting. But by remembering these simple rules, you can easily benefit with no hassle at all.
One of the most difficult things for a man to do when he's practicing male chastity and orgasm denial, is physically to stop his orgasm when he's actually making love to his wife. 
I've been giving some thought to the difference between the FLR fantasy and the FLR reality. I have also been thinking about how one gets from fantasy to reality. I am in a Female Led Relationship and have been now for about fifteen months which hardly makes me an expert. But I was part of what I think is the largest group among the many possible permutations: the secret sub male who wanted the fantasy he had of an FLR to become a reality. 

Before punishment #spanking, spank for fun!

While most women in female led relationships only use corporal discipline for corrective punishments, to eliminate unwanted behaviours in their males (and it is very effective for this), there is much to be said for the woman starting out on this path to make a game of it in the beginning, to condition the male to the concept of spanking in ways his immature mind can accept.